I create apps to improve lives while raising money for charity and enjoy helping others succeed.

Hi, I’m Carla

I’m a mobile strategist & designer who is passionate about human-computer interaction, social change, and personal growth. Born to a farmer and a photographer, I inherited my dad’s work ethics and resourcefulness and my mom’s artistic eye. Using these gifts, I started creating apps in 2008 when I was still designing for NASA, to promote the power of gratitude while also raising money for charity.

After traveling the globe for most of my adult life, I now reside in South Dakota with my husband, son and dog. When I’m not having adventures with my family, I enjoy yoga, running and throwing a mean dinner party.

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How I Can Help

From small projects to monster ideas, my services fit your needs & budgets. I also partner with talented developers and designers so you have just the right mix skills for your project.

App Strategy

From idea to launch, I have a proven method to building apps on budget and schedule and getting them noticed.

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Speaking & Training

Bring your team need up to speed on app success with my one day course, available both in person & online.

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1-on-1 Consulting

Unique cranium snapping conversations for surfacing opportunities and zooming in strategies for your mobile app.

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What Makes Me Different?

When I started, I owned a flip phone, had no programming skills, worked at a job so remote the building was in the middle of cornfields, and I had a measly $500 budget. But none of that was going to stop me. A few months later my app stormed into the top position on the App Store and was hailed in major news publications around the globe.

I managed to teach myself how to do all the designs, outsource the development, and grab people’s attention—all on a budget that paid for itself by noon on the first day of sales. Over the years I have witnessed firsthand how this industry and the tools to create apps are evolving at an insane pace. App designs continue to get better and the competition fiercer. Still, my overall formula for creating apps remains the same.

Do what you love to help others succeed, and you will always love what you do.

“Carla is one of the most energetic and creative people I know.”


App Strategy

Budget: $3000+

I create a strategy that is designed to get your app to market fast, on budget, and ensures that your app is a hit. I can build a team for you, or work with your people. In addition to the steps below, I formulate a unique marketing strategy that we execute during the coarse of the project.

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Perfecting your idea & features.


From pencil & Paper to PSD.


Working with quality developers.


Complete usability & bug testing.


On the iTunes & in the media.


Speaking & Training

Budget: $500+

Short Talks

I speak about mobile design & creation, business start-up and personal growth. My talks are designed specifically for the audience whether it’s a schools, conference, or club. I also enjoy motivating young women in technology and speaking about social causes.

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My one-day course is designed to bring your team or group up to speed on mobile development. This non-technical course walks through each step in the app development process and includes a copy of my book to each participant. We brainstorm ideas, talk about strategies and build a plan for your app.

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1-on-1 Consulting

Price: $500

Unique cranium snapping conversations for surfacing opportunities and zooming in strategies for your mobile app. Cost is $500 with 10% donated to charity. Exclusively on the phone. Game plans and brilliance guaranteed. The conversation usually runs about an hour and I review your app concept in advance.

How It Works

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Start Thinking

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I research your idea & come up with a plan.

We Jam

We talk for a good hour or so and ignite your project.

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